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Passover Vacations to France
Booking now is the yearly first class tours of the Cannes area of France for Passover. See specifics here!
Brooklyn Candle Lighting times for June and July
June 16 8:10 June 17 9:20
June 23 8:12 June 24 9:22
June 30 8:12 July 1 9:21
July 7 8:11 July 8 9:19
July 14 8:07 July 15 9:14
July 21 8:03 July 22 9:08
July 28 7:56 July 29 9:01
Marpeh Lenefesh has burst at it seams!
We're moving to Bedford Ave in a New Building and You can learn to be a part of it!
Shavuos Information
Erev Shavuos is June 8 8:07
The Hebron Report: Background on the 4000 year old struggle for Jews to live in Hebron and their systematic slaughter and persecution
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