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100% Kosher Deli and Takeout

Latkes Knishes Side Dishes of all sorts!

We can Cater your Simcha and Ship World Wide

Roasted Chicken Freshly Made Daily MatzaBall Madness!
Fresh Barbeque Chickens Matzaball Madness!
Latke Kishka

  • From Latkes to Egg Rolls - Our Side Dishes often make the meal!
  • We deliver lunch orders to the local BOOKMARK our menu!
  • Freshly made food on the premises, everything at grab a Meal is 1st rate Delicous.
  • From Knishes to Soup - everything for your apetite!
  • Genuine Brooklyn Quality Food under the Supervision of the Vaad Harabbanim of Flatbush

  • Soup
    Side Dishes
    Cold Cuts
    Puddings and Kugels
    kasha Varnishkes $3.49 per lb
    Egg Barley $3.49 per pound
    Tzimes $3.49 per pound
    Spanish Rice $3.49
    Toasted Rice $3.49 per pound
    Vegetable Rice $3.49 per pound
    Cabbage and Noodles $3.49 lb
    Shlishkes $3.49 lb
    Baked Ziti $3.49 lb
    Kishka (Rated the Best in Brooklyn by the Web Master!) $3.49 lb
    Potato Pirogen Boiled or Fried $0.85 piece
    Potato Latkes $1.25 each
    Spinach Latkes $1.35 each
    Potato Role $1.29 each
    Roasted Potatoes $3.49 lb
    Baked Apples $1.25 each
    Knishes Potato $1.25 each
    Kasha Potato $1.25 each
    Cocktail Knishes Potato or Kasha $3.29 per tray
    Franks in Blankets $3.69 per tray
    Egg Roll $1.29 each
    Potato Pirogen Boiled or Fried $0.85 piece