dsmd - distributed system monitoring daemon

     dsmd [-d]

     Dsmd allows for the monitoring of system conditions  on  one
     or  more  systems  and  takes  actions  based  on  the table
     /etc/dsmd.cfg.  If invoked with the -d option dsmd will read
     the  file  /etc/dsmd.cfg  and  execute the commands found in
     that file every 15 minutes.   If  invoked  with  no  options
     dsmd  will follow the instructions in /etc/dsmd.cfg once and

     The  file  /etc/dsmd.cfg  consists  of  2  colon  delineated
     fields.   The  left  most  field is the command to run (full
     paths preferred), and the right field is the action to  take
     if  the  command in field one returns the string Agent Error
     to dsmd.

     For example to page someone  if  the  file  systems  on  the
     machine  are  filling  up  the /etc/dsmd.cfg might look like

     /usr/local/bin/dfck:/usr/local/bin/abeep bew "File system full problem."

     The program in the first field can do anything desired.  The
     only requirement is that for the action on the right side of
     the colon to be taken the program on the left  side  of  the
     colon must output the string Agent Error.  Below is an exam-
     ple of the output of the dfck program.

     rover% dfck

     Agent Error on 108% /usr

     Please note that the words Agent Error must be the  first  2
     words  on the line, and must be separated by only one space.
     Any information you desire may follow the words Agent Error.

     There are no known bugs as of this writting.

     Brett Wynkoop


     Dsmd and this document are copyright 1994 by Brett Wynkoop

     /etc/dsmd.cfg (action/reaction table)