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Local Resources

  • Wynn Data Limited home page - Information about our company and projects.
  • Brooklyn On Line
  • Musical On Line
  • The On Line Shopping Mall
  • Libraries

  • WWW Virtual Library - A Library of electronic documents and resources.
  • The Law Library - For the Legal Eagles.
  • Libraries on Internet  ***New***
  • List of World-Wide Web Servers
  • Internet & WWW Help
  • Novice Internet User Tips Look here for help with popular internet software
  • NCSA Home Page - Tutorials on WWW stuff can be found here.
  • The News Wire
  • All the news that is fit to net!  ***New***
  • Usenet News Index - Index of Usenet News for easy reading with a WWW browser.
  • New York City Weather
  • The Game Room
  • Virtual Blackjack!
  • Various
  • W3 Home Page
  • Chat Rooms you can use with your WWW browser!
  • Fedex Package Tracking
  • Ups Package Tracking
  • The list esoteric
  • Arts, Leisure, Sports, Recreation & Hobbies
  • New York City Information
  • Project Gutenberg - Various english language texts and pictures.

  • If you do not see what you want you can search the world with Google!

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